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High School Staff List


Mr. Andrew Rantz - Principal
Mr. Michael Bergey - Assistant to the Principal


Mr. Ben Barnhart - Health and Physical Education
Mrs. Laura Barondeau - Learning Support
Miss Amy Bastian - Learning Support
Mrs. Stacey Behnert - Social Studies
Mrs. Debra Bleistein - Vocational Business & Computer Technology
Mrs. Kathy Bower - Science
Mrs. Kellie Brouse - Social Studies
Mrs. Lois Buck - School Nurse
Mr. Michael Conn - Social Studies
Mr. Jonathan Dick - Math/STEM
Mrs. Renee Diehl - English
Mr. Matthew Elder - Technology Education
Mrs. Jamie Emery-Seibert - Business and Computer Technology
Mrs. Anne Fannick - Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Lauren Finnerty - English and Journalism
Mr. Nick Fisher - Health and Physical Education
Mrs. Marie Haefner - 12th Grade Learning Support
Mr. Willard Hanlon - Social Studies
Ms. Erin Henson - Auxiliary Education
Mrs. Kayla Hulsizer - Emotional Support
Mrs. Angela Hunter - Spanish
Mrs. Marissa Jacobs - Transition Coordinator
Mrs. Erika King - English
Mrs. Cindy Krebs - Art Teacher
Ms. Deborah Kurtz - Science
Mr. Corey Kyle - Science
Mrs. Rachel Lewis - Home & School Visitor/Social Worker
Mr. Daniel Mazeall - Health and Physical Education
Dr. James Meadows - School Psychologist - Secondary & Elementary School Counselor
Mrs. Natalie Myers-Easton - Gifted/Librarian
Mr. David Newell - Guidance Counselor/Futures
Mrs. Allison Pauling - Learning Support
Mr. Nate Persing - Vocational Automotive Technology
Mrs. Angela Ranck - English
Mr. Seth Reitz - Computer Education
Mrs. Lauren Richie - Art Teacher
Mrs. Elizabeth Ries-Morgan - Emotional Support
Mrs. Carla Rishel - Learning Support
Mrs. Leslie Robinson - Guidance Counselor
Miss Malika Romine - Life Skills Support
Mrs. Ellen Roush - Life Skills Support
Mr. Shane Schreck - Vocational Coordinator
Mr. Ronald Schultz - Social Studies
Mrs. Jacqueline Sham - Literacy Coach
Ms. Amanda Smith - Early Childhood Education
Mrs. Donna Spear - Instructional Technology Coach
Ms. Traci Thomas - Social Worker
Mr. Richard Thompson - Vocational Building Construction Trades
Ms. Deborah Warren - English as a Second Language
Mrs. Heather Welsh - Health & Physical Education
Miss Alyssa Williams - Band/Music Teacher
Mrs. Rebecca Williams - Learning Support
Mr. Russell Wynn - Chorus/Theatre Arts


Mrs. Pam Huff - Library Aide
Mrs. Monica Johnson - Secretary
Mrs. Stephanie Moore - Secretary
Mrs. Cindy Snyder - Guidance Secretary

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