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Special Education Staff List


Mrs. Catherine Girton - Supervisor of Special Education


Ms. Elizabeth Anderson - Guidance Counselor
Miss Amy Bastian - Learning Support
Mr. William Campbell - Life Skills Support
Mrs. Angela Davis - 8th Grade Learning Support
Mrs. Tia Dreckman - Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Katelyn Emory - Life Skills Support
Mrs. Anne Fannick - Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Kerry Fitch - Itinerant
Mrs. Jamie Gair - Emotional Support
Mrs. Nicole Gessner - Speech and Language Therapist
Mrs. Tabitha Heimbach - Speech and Language Therapist
Mrs. Kayla Hulsizer - Emotional Support
Mrs. Karen Inkrote - Life Skills Support
Mrs. Marissa Jacobs - Transition Coordinator
Mrs. Jennifer Laubscher - 7th Grade Learning Support
Mrs. Rachel Lewis - Home & School Visitor/Social Worker
Mrs. Sandra McCullough - 1st and 4th Grade Learning Support
Mrs. Natalie Myers-Easton - Gifted/Librarian
Mr. David Newell - Guidance Counselor/Futures
Ms. Janell Newswanger - Autistic Support
Mrs. Allison Pauling - Learning Support
Ms. Rebecca Phillips - Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Rebecca Pierce - Learning Support
Mrs. Heather Rabatin - School Psychologist - Elementary
Mrs. Elizabeth Ries-Morgan - Emotional Support
Mrs. Carla Rishel - Learning Support
Mrs. Leslie Robinson - Guidance Counselor
Miss Malika Romine - Life Skills Support
Mrs. Ellen Roush - Life Skills Support
Mr. Christopher Scheller - 2nd and 3rd Grade Learning Support
Miss Katelyn Shaughnessy - Emotional Support
Mr. Aaron Slusser - Guidance Counselor/Futures I
Mrs. Danielle Sommers - Speech & Language
Ms. Traci Thomas - Social Worker
Mrs. Susan VanKirk - Technology Coach and Teacher of the Gifted
Mrs. Shalee Ward - Learning Support
Mrs. Gabrielle Waughen - Kindergarten and 5th Grade Learning Support
Mr. Matt Wenrich - 6th Grade Learning Support
Mrs. Rebecca Williams - Learning Support
Miss Vanessa Yoder - Itinerant Learning Support


Mrs. Toni Leitenberger - Special Education Secretary

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