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Baugher Elementary Staff List


Mr. David Slater - Principal


Ms. Elizabeth Anderson - Guidance Counselor
Ms. Katie Badman - 3rd Grade
Mrs. Lauren Balliet - 4th Grade
Mrs Kristin Barr - Kindergarten
Mr. Bryan Black - Health / Physical Education
Mrs. Tonya Brosious - Health & Physical Education
Mrs. Tammy Brouse - 2nd Grade
Ms. Paula Cooper - 1st Grade
Mrs. Megan Crawford - 1st Grade
Mrs. Mary DeLong - 1st Grade
Mrs. Rachel Edinger - 4th Grade
Mrs Traci Ferguson - 4th Grade
Mrs. Jaime Flook - Music / Band Teacher
Mrs. Nicole Gessner - Speech and Language Therapist
Mr. William Good - Music / Chorus Teacher
Mrs. Tabitha Heimbach - Speech and Language Therapist
Mrs. Tracy Heiss - 2nd Grade
Mr. Lee Kaar - 4th Grade
Mrs. Karey Killian - Library Media Specialist/Elementary
Miss Katie Kling - 3rd Grade
Mrs. Rachel Lewis - Home & School Visitor/Social Worker
Mrs. Sandra McCullough - 1st and 4th Grade Learning Support
Dr. James Meadows - School Psychologist - Secondary & Elementary School Counselor
Miss Jennifer Neitz - Kindergarten
Ms. Janell Newswanger - Autistic Support
Mrs. Ruth O'Neill - Reading Specialist
Ms. Maggi Parker - 3rd Grade
Mrs. Lindsay Pawling - 2nd Grade
Mr. David Persing - Kindergarten
Mrs. Heather Rabatin - School Psychologist - Elementary
Ms. Pam Reed - Instructional Coach K-12
Mrs. Heather Reitz - Kindergarten
Mrs. Loreen Romania - 2nd Grade
Mrs. Bethany Rudloff - 5th Grade
Mr. Christopher Scheller - 2nd and 3rd Grade Learning Support
Mrs. Rebel Scoggins - Instructional Coach K-12
Mr. Zack Shaffer - 5th Grade
Miss Katelyn Shaughnessy - Emotional Support
Mrs. Jessica Snyder - English as a Second Language
Mrs. Donna Spear - Instructional Coach K-12
Ms. Kara Steck - Health / Physical Education Teacher
Mrs. Lauren Steiner - Kindergarten
Mrs. Amanda Stoudt - Instructional Coach K-12
Mrs. Kristy Trefsger - Reading Specialist
Ms. Ann Trudnak - 1st Grade
Mrs. Susan VanKirk - Technology Coach and Teacher of the Gifted
Mrs. Jenni Waltman - 3rd Grade
Mrs. Gabrielle Waughen - Kindergarten and 5th Grade Learning Support
Mrs. Christine Wendt - School Nurse
Mrs. Jessica Wertz - 1st Grade
Mrs. Allison Wright - 5th Grade


Ms. Mary Adams - Secretary
Mrs. Cynthia Snyder - Secretary

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